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Disaster Restoration Service

Whenever a major manmade or natural disaster strikes, residents of Ventura and its environs have always relied upon experts from Water Restoration HUB to walk with them through the stressful times with confidence, expertise and clarity.

When disaster strikes, there is never room for time wastage. In this regard, speed is of great essence in getting the technicians to the site, to stop further damages. The technicians at Water Restoration HUB clearly understand this urgency and would report to the scene with 45 minutes of distress call. They are available 24/7/365 days to attend to whatever form and level of disaster.

Water Restoration Technicians recommend not only high levels of skill and expertise for handling disasters, but also emphasize the need to give the customer great attention, care and compassion during these stressful times. They themselves are sure to put the customer and his interests first.

To handle a disaster much better, all you need is the help of technicians from Water restoration HUB, and you could easily find them on 911 for this and much more.

Help for all kinds of disasters

Having been around for a long time, the Water Restoration HUB technicians have attended to all kinds and forms of disasters. They are therefore prepared to take on whatever disaster that might strike.

Most people imagine that every disaster that strikes in Ventura is as a result of the area’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean while in reality, the area could experience torrential rains, landslides, lightning storms, atmospheric rivers, extreme hail and wildfires; all of which can form disasters.

Whatever form of disaster that may occur, there is need to arrest the situation fast enough to avert increased damages which may in the end attract further costs that accrue by virtue of stagnation. Disasters may lead to;

  • Flooding
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Wood rot
  • Mould growth
  • Sewage backups
  • Down spouts and clogging gutters.

The technicians at Water Restoration HUB ensure that when they come to a disaster site, they carry all equipment to cover for all the above effects that a disaster could pose to your home and its environs.

Flooding has become common and could be as a result of a severe storm occurring miles and miles away from the flood plain. The power of the weather to produce disastrous effects should never be underestimated, lest your home is unexpectedly flooded. Having a Water Restoration HUB technician at hand could help you access help much easily during the times when disaster strikes. Give them a call at 911 for further inquiries.

Flash floods lead to hardship for the hardwoods

Over the many years that Water Restoration HUB has been in practice, they have helped many families work through the various disasters that hit them; some interesting, some with profound challenges.

Recently, rain floods ended up destroying a home in the neighbourhood of one of our clients. By the time the Water Restoration HUB team got to the site, the water was an inch standing, stagnant water.

One thing you could already know about hardwoods, is that hardwoods can easily absorb huge amount of water especially when they are saturated. They would then swell up and buckle at certain sections of the flood. At this point they are very difficult to repair.

With the knowledgeable team equipped with state of art technology, the team started by pumping out water from the room to salvage the hardwood from any further damage. After all the water was out, the Water Restoration HUB team brought in a bevy of air movers as well as dehumidifiers that would help completely dry out the hardwoods and the entire room.

This process was critical to giving the hardwood the best chance for total restoration. The last phase was making the hardwood look brand new!

Could you have had floods in your home that messed up your hardwoods? You may just want to make a call to Water Restoration HUB on 911 to work on your hardwoods.