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Mold Removal Service

Dealing with problems of mold contamination is not a bed of roses, unless you seek help from professionals like Water Restoration HUB who are IICRC certified. This is the sure way to avoid all forms of worry as a result of fungus.

Quite often, people are tempted to imagine that simply mopping out will restore the condition of a house or an office, following a water damage event. It would be important to note that the following factors can indeed necessitate the growth of molds:

  • Extra moisture
  • Poor ventilation
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Leaking roofs
  • Bursting of pipes
  • Flooding

Absolute care should be exercised after an event, because any small amounts of water that might have remained can cause mold contaminations. As a matter of fact, a colony can easily grow in a matter of hours, should some little amount of water find its way to the shoe of either of the walls.

Because of existing for hundreds of years on planet earth, molds and fungus have developed adaptation to virtually all environments, making their eradication an uphill task for many, but not for Water Restoration HUB team of experts!

This team is not only well trained but also rich in experience, something that sets them apart from others, hence immediate readiness whenever you need their services. And to prove this point, whether the mold is the culprit or otherwise, you can be sure to see them at your doorstep within 45 minutes of receiving your call.

The team encourages every homeowner never to encourage growth of mold after a persistent water damage event. The only thing you need to do is to get in touch with Water Restoration HUB, and you will never regret calling them! The team prides itself in quality work, punctuality, and value for your time and money.

Defining Mold and Its Growth

After working in this industry for many years, there is nothing unknown to Water Restoration HUB about molds and fungus. If anything, they have come to know that the growth of mold can still occur without a lot of input from external factors. As a matter of fact, water damage is not a prerequisite for outbreak of molds.

If anything, Water Restoration HUB asserts that inadequate ventilation of a room, coupled with high humidity, is in itself a sufficient recipe for mold contaminations. And as long as an area is sufficiently permeable, mold will always grow, provided there is a minimum amount of water to propagate growth in the early stages. Having taken root, a mold colony can henceforth survive using the readily available moisture in the air.

The unfortunate bit is that prevention of further contamination is a difficult endeavour, especially after the growth of molds has started. This is because any disturbance of the colony results in the spreading of spores in the air. It is for this reason that Water Restoration HUB uses the latest and most advanced technology for air purification to get rid of mold in your home.

To cub the otherwise easy to spread mold spores, it is strongly advisable that you get in touch with certified and dedicated professionals like Water Restoration HUB on 911, to deal with your challenges once and for all!

Corroded Pipes Cause Sewage Burst and Removal of Mold Contamination

Water Restoration HUB is a team of experts at mold removal and incidents of water damage in your homes, in spite of the form or shape it takes.

In a certain incidence, the pipes of a homeowner burst in their crawlspace. To remove the sewage, we had to make use of one our tech guys, the shortest and slimmest for that matter, to access the otherwise small area.

To our surprise, the mold contamination that he found there was so huge that it’s likely to have been there from the time the initial sewage incident occurred. Before dealing with the mold challenge, the Water Restoration HUB experts first cleared the sewage backup incident which had caused the contamination.

Using vapour barriers around the house upon solving the sewage, mold contamination was contained from spreading further, eventually eliminating all the contamination.

A sudden sewage backup issue must not be allowed to cause mold contamination! To abate this eventuality, kindly reach out to Water Restoration HUB on 911 to mark the end of molds!